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1 shot dead at suburban Chicago mall, shooter at large: police

Authorities say a man was shot and killed at a suburban Chicago mall and the suspect remains at large.

Glenn Greenwald slams rush to judgment about Kentucky student in viral confrontation with Native American

Glenn Greenwald, constitutional lawyer and co-founding editor of The Intercept, told Fox News on Monday night that the rush to judgment of the weeken

Florida moongazers fail to notice high tide flooding SUV, police say

Spectators who were watching the “Super blood Moon” at a beach in Florida seemingly didn’t realize their car was getting swept away by the tide.

Massachusetts family turns icy driveway into hockey rink

A Massachusetts family who was “ice’d in” made the best of their situation by forming an ice skating rink in their driveway.

Wisconsin man chops up belongings with ax after he thought wife damaged his action figures, police say

A Wisconsin man called 911 on himself after he realized he overreacted when he used an ax to destroy items he owned after he thought his wife damaged

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Now that she's formally entered the 2020 presidential race, here's the path the California senator needs to follow to be the Democratic nominee

To the surprise of no one, California Sen. Kamala Harris formally entered the 2020 presidential race on Monday, touting her background as a prosecutor

Watch: Kamala Harris' formal announcement

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) announced her 2020 presidential run and discussed issues that motivate her campaign on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Now that Kamala Harris is in, here are the Democrats who have said they're running for president

California Sen. Kamala Harris’ announcement on Monday that she’s running for president not only confirms a long-anticipated move but adds to a fast-gr

Analysis: Definitive 2020 Democratic candidate power rankings

There’s been lots (and lots) of action in the 2020 Democratic primary race over the past month, but few actual changes.

Democrats compete for top talent as 2020 kicks into high gear

The Democratic presidential primary is just beginning, but an important preliminary contest is already underway and heating up in the key early states